Alain Martheze - Vocals
Ross Fenner - Guitar
Mike Deall - Guitar
Jay Thomson - Bass
Graham Pitout - Drums

The scene slumbers in mediocrity, drenched in repetition and starving for the new. From beneath this carpet, a scream tears out. It howls with fervor and raw passion that hasn't been seen on these shores for a long, long while. At the core of this scream - Enmity stands firm, a band of musical gunslingers, dealing not only in uncompromised heaviness of lead, but also in the natural beauty of death, filth and the human condition.

Enmity is a tapestry of sound, intensity, beauty, and passion, combining all these elements and more into one explosive experience. Enmity manage to coalesce brutal elements of creative metal riffs with overtones of melodies and harmonies, benchmark vocals which are balanced with interludes, keyboards and seraphic female vocals.

Having made an impact on the scene from their very first gig, Enmity have broken and recreated the mold for the underground, setting the standard for quality live performance and song writing, both of which are extremely important elements to the band.

Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

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