Thursday, 20 January 2011

RAMfest 2011 at the Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester.

Yes please! Enmity has just been book to play at RAMfest 2011. This year promises to even bigger and better than the last! See you guys there :D

Check out our video from RAMfest here

This year, RAMfest boasts 3 venues in 3 cities, over 5 days, across 6 stages. That’s right! RAMfest will be visiting 3 major cities in 2011. This helps to cement the event`s reputation as one of South Africa’s Ultimate Rock Festivals.
We are happy to announce that this year`s line-up includes two international bands: Alkaline Trio (USA) and Funeral for a Friend(UK)Die AntwoordVan Coke Kartel and Zebra and Giraffe are the local acts that will be performing at all three RAMfest events. For the rest of the regional line ups, see listing below.
John Vlismas will be the host for RAMfest all round in all three the provinces. Here are the dates:
CPT: Nekkies Holiday Resort, Worcester: 4 – 6 March.
DBN: WaveHouse: Wed 9 March.
JHB: Riversands Farm, Fourways: Sat 12 March.
RAMfest has left a permanent footprint on the live music scene……Celebrating 5 years of Rock n Roll, the festival is set to raise the bar yet again. Not only are we going to deliver the music that you all love, we’re also breaking into some new genres that we feel deserve showcasing. If you thought the festival was good, great, fun, mind-blowing or any other positive adjective that you might want to use, then how do we prepare you for what’s about to come?
We’re adding a bigger Dance stage, more and better camping facilities and we have a couple of surprises up our sleeve. Fasten your seatbelts for the thrills that are about jolt you right out of your seat and into the most super-rad party mood.
Calling all fearless warriors, emotionally stunted, corporate sucks, internet tycoons, recently single ready to mingle, goody-two-shoes, rebels with and without a cause, black sheep, white sheep; this means YOU!! Hell we’re even calling the little green men out in space if they can hear us.
Come to Ramfest with us!
Alkaline Trio (USA), Funeral for a Friend (UK), Die Antwoord, Gazelle, Zebra and Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel, The Revelators,  Blk Jks, Ashtray Electric, Desmond & The Tutu’s, Mr Cat & The Jackal,Stepdog, Pretty Blue Guns, The Great Apes, Tumi, Ree-Burth, Dance! You’re on Fire, The Sleepers, Isochronous, Not My Dog, Lonely Dave Ferguson, Wrestlerish, 7th Son, Bittereinder, Mix n Blend.
Down on the first, Moment of Clarity, Knave, Mind Assault, Contrast The Water, The Broken Result, Infanteria, Haggis & Bong, Symphonic Schizophrenia, Juggernaught, Sabertooth, Enmity, Theatre Runs Red, a Walk with the Wicked, The Dead Will Tell, Axxon.
Jam Jar, Psydstep, Bruce Willis?, P.H Fat,  Niskerone, Counterstrike, Hyphen, SFR, Mr Bong, Fletcher, Sedge Warbler, Toby2Shoes, Kennedy, Battle Beyond The Stars, Ill Tastic, El Gordo, Enough Weapons, Haezer, TOM DELUXX (FRA), Double Adapter, Liver, B-Team and more.
Haasbroek, Tommygun, FunaFuji, Mr. Sakitumi.
Alkaline Trio (USA), Funeral For A Friend (UK), Not My Dog, Die Antwoord, Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel, Pestroy, Dance Your’re on Fire, Isochronous, Knave, Pity The Fool, Blk Jks, Desmond & The Tutu’s, The Shadowclub.
RudeOne, Deeziak, CutKeyLow,Tasha Baxter, Ambush, Bittereinder, Benson

Alkaline Trio (USA), Funeral For A Friend (UK), Die Antwoord, Zebra & Giraffe, Van Coke Kartel.

ENTERTAINMENT AREAStages, bars and stalls will be inside a fenced off entertainment area.


LARGE TENTED bar areas, with tables, benches and parasols = BEER GARDEN.
first come first served, you may camp at your cars. Gate opening times: See
ATMs…will be placed around the entertainment area.
MARKETWe strive to bring you the best in festival foods, affordable yet healthy and delicious. Catering for everybody’s needs, clothing and other festival paraphernalia also.
a Merchandise stand with credit/debit card facilities will be there again.
To book stalls please contact:
Cape Town:
MEDICSWe have professional medics on site, with all necessary emergency equipment, bring your own headache tablets and please PARTY SAFE!
GREENPlease help to keep us as environmentally friendly as possible. Bring rubbish bags to keep your area clean. All rubbish bags will be collected by our cleaners and sorted into the relevant recycling bins. PLEASE LEAVE GLASS AT HOME!!
Snow Café is a multimedia tented area offering various forms of entertainment. Drop in, relax and blow off some steam. Our friendly staff will make you feel right at home and will ensure you are energized for that next round.
What is on offer:
* Lost & Found
* Information centre
* Phone charging
* Slush & Snack Bar
CAMPING and SWIMMING – Cape Town only.RAM is a full weekend camping outing, bring your tents caravan’s and camping gear. It is HOT that time of the year so bring extra shade i.e. Gazebo’s stretch tents, sun hats, umbrellas. There is a river and swimming pool for cooling off, don’t forget your inflatables. NO open fires will be tolerated.
KREEF HOTEL (Cape Town only) is happy to announce that they will be setting up their point five star festival tent hotel at the RAMfest 2011. Pre-pitched bow tents with mattresses & locks. Secure parking, lighting & 24-hour security. Luggage porters (to help you rest your case), daily breakfast, coffee on tap, cell-phone (cameras, laptops) charging facilities and even a private little bar just for you. Clean toilets (a ply within) & our famous hot showers, exclusively for Kreef guests. All this and more super service crawling distance from the RAMfest stages, at a price to fit your pocket. Rock Hard, Sleep Soft… KREEF HOTEL …the calm thing is to remain important… BOOK NOW at
Cape Town only: There are daily trains leaving from CPT to Worcester. Once at Worcester catch a taxi ride to the festival.
TICKETS:Tickets available from
Cape Town:
3 day wk/end pass: R450 presales. R500 at gate.
Sat/Sun pass: R450 presales. R500 at gate.
1 day Sunday pass: R100 gate only (entry from 08:00)

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