Thursday, 25 March 2010

Horse The Band South African Tour

25th MARCH, Thursday – ROAR, Observatory, Cape Town

21:00 – Day Turns Night
21:45 - Enmity
22:30 - Yes Sir! Mister Machine

The rumours are true, and if you hadn’t heard the rumours, go start some: Calibreed Productions is proud to announce HORSE The Band Live in South Africa! March – April 2010.

Horse the Band is the greatest live musical ensemble on the planet of Earth. Any doubts will be firmly shattered by the ‘REIGNS IN AFRICA’ tour. 12 gigs, 17 days. One opportunity to have the course of your very life forever altered by the musical explosion that is HORSE the mother f*ckin’ BAND.

They’ve toured pretty much everywhere except this lonely Dark Continent, and we’re proud to finally have them on our shores. Lets return the favour and show them exactly what Africa is made of.

HORSE will be coming to you, so there is no excuse. Do you want to be left out? Do you want to have the tales of wonder and awe related to you at a later date, thinking to yourself all the while, ‘Damn, I should have been there’? No you don’t. You want to be at as many of the tour dates as possible. If you’re studying; you’ll be on holiday, if you have work; you’re going to need to call in sick. If you need to deliver a baby, skip the delivery (but name the kid after the band). Sitting there thinking, ‘I would love to have my the course of my existence forever altered through this live experience, but I live in the middle of nowhere, whose going to be coming to Grahamstown? We are. Mozambique? Get over to Maputo, cause we’re fucking coming.

“You’ll leave with a black eye, ringing ears and new found respect for live performance.They are fucking aliens and are not afraid to show it! Be prepared to be blown away!” - Werner, frontman for esteemed local bands Sesling and Wrestlerish.

HORSE the Band hold no punches! They make no excuses! They take no prisoners. Lets oblige this integrity with some of our own, and make the REIGNS IN AFRICA tour one the band remembers as long as you do.

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