Wednesday, 19 August 2009

MUSIC: Enmity - Murderabilia. (2009)

Enmity - Murderabilia

Now available for download!

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"The 13th June 2009 saw the release of the full-length debut album from Enmity, titled ‘Murderabilia’. This 12 track album with a concept theme is a reflection of the creativity, diversity and audacity of this collection of talented and exciting young musicians. Before going into studio to work on Murderabilia, and after many previous recording ventures the band was able to find a sound they felt was without compromise, and also made the bold choice to scrap all their old material and work on entirely new songs. Murderabilia is a unique album that keeps you on your toes, with unexpected hooks and the uncomparable juxtaposition of vocal styles."
- Subterania Music

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Here are a few pics of the album and album art by Dimitar Bochukov. Click to enlarge.

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